Advertising revenue

Becoming certified in this field will help you look more professional. It will also be a lot easier to take an online or hands-on course so that you know all the different techniques that are out there. There are online and hands-on type of classes available. Online courses tend to be cheaper and more accessible. The online classes tend to be more available and more friendly on your wallet.

Use mail carrier route maps to define your delivery area. Direct mail is the best way to keep in front of potential delivery customers. Once again, a smaller list, mailed very frequently will yield the best results. Experiment with different offers and track response carefully. Repeat your best offers, get rid of the ones that do not work and keep adding new ones. Once you have fine-tuned this type of mailing, it will not cost you money, it will make you money every time you mail. Then, it is time to expand that delivery area.

This can involve networking with your competitors, not only to see what they are getting up to, but also to help one another out. There might be times when you don’t have all the resources and might want to include your competition to help with certain angles of a service or product.

But the question is, what advertisement ideas work? One of the best methods to promote online are using popular sites like Facebook, YouTube and Blogger. All these methods can cost absolutely NOTHING and bring insane returns, like constant daily leads for years to come on complete autopilot.

Here are a few Ideas and Magnets that have been used successfully by our clients. Use one or a combination, but do not over crowd the postcard with too much information. The postcard must pass “The Glance Test”, which means the reader will know what the card is about with just a passing glance. This can make the difference between getting noticed or being tossed out as junk mail.

This also has an added benefit as every good employee/subcontractor likes to be acknowledged and appreciated. By appreciating your staff, it helps stop them from moving on to where they do feel appreciated.

Television ads on a local basis are often very effective but can end up being quite expensive. Billboards can be effective, but again, may end up being quite pricey. If you think a little creatively, you can come up with some inexpensive ways to get your name out there.